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The Challenge

Goodman is one of the largest providers of industrial property in the world.

Nonetheless, even with 19 state-of-the-art warehouses across Hong Kong, Goodman’s Hong Kong website was not visible on Google for their most important keywords such as “hong kong warehouse”.

Cogney was called in to lift their rankings in the search results to match their leading position in the market.

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The Strategy

Low rankings are variously due to insufficient authority in the form of less websites linking to your website, the inability of Google to crawl and index your website, and/or the content of your website not optimized for its targeted keywords. We worked on improving all three areas of Goodman’s website.

First, we found that was losing out on authority that otherwise would have benefited their website if not for 1,000+ high-quality backlinks pointing to legacy URLs that now resulted in a 404 “Page Does Not Exist” error.

We created a redirect map so that those backlinks pointed to a page that actually works, resulting in a 380% jump in referring domains to the website.

Since Goodman’s site was small, there weren't major issues with Google not being able to crawl and index its pages. However, keyword research needed to be done and its pages optimized for those keywords. We wrote new content, meta data, and schema code relevant for those groups of keywords.


SEO audit + retainer (6 months)

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The Keys to Success

Two things stood out that made achieving results easier: first, close collaboration with their developer was key to fixing broken backlinks. Secondly, Goodman granted us access to Sitecore, their content management system, which sped up our ability to execute our SEO recommendations.

The Results


Ranking position for "Hong Kong warehouses"


Increase in organic traffic YoY


Increase in referring domains

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