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founded by “the hugely talented cyberwhiz”, Doug Pierce, termed “one of the smartest people to trudge through the fetid bog that is the internet” when it comes to search engine optimization and marketing.

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We rewrote the playbook on how the world’s best-known brain games company presented its content and games to Google and end-users.


Through a reclassification and restructuring of its taxonomy, Cogney made this online marketplace of personal services Hong Kong’s #1 go-to resource for booking tutors, manicures and the like.


Cogney overhauled the SEO strategy of Airbnb over two years by working closely with the company’s headquarters. "We saw huge lifts in traffic," said the Head of SEO.

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How Lululemon's Single-Page Approach to Colors Costs Sales

An SEO mistake prevents Lululemon's color-filtered collection pages from ranking on Google. Instead, only one non-filtered collection page ranks.

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