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Gall Solicitors

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The Challenge

Gall Solicitors is Hong Kong's leading dispute resolution firm in Hong Kong, specializing in highly complex, multi-jurisdiction disputes.

Their team of lawyers write regularly about the latest legal issues surrounding employment law, fraud, business disputes, family law, and the impact of COVID-19.

Cogney's challenge was to make sure the content Gall was producing was actually getting in front of potential clients when they search Google for such topics.

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The Strategy

To begin, Cogney conducted a sitewide audit to ensure the site was easy to navigate - not just for human visitors, but moreso that Google's spider could crawl and index all its pages without getting lost, stuck, or confused. All of Gall's content would be worthless if Google can't find and include them in its search results.

Now with a good foundation in place, the next step was guiding their team on how to assess the desirability of specific topics to write about and how to optimize what they write so that Google ranks them for their desired keywords. Cogney would suggest and review new blog posts that were written by Gall's lawyers and provide recommendations on the keywords, titles, subheadings, images, internal linking, and more.

The Services

SEO audit + implementation

Ongoing consulting retainer

The Keys to Success

Creating an easy-to-navigate website and consistently publishing optimized content were crucial to the site's traffic jump.

Another key to success was using question and answer accordions to differentiate Gall and take up more real estate on Google. By adding an FAQ section to pages, we were not only able to rank for keywords related to those questions, but enhance the appearance of Gall's search result.

For example, Gall jumped to position #1 (previously ranking position #10) for the keyword "prenuptial agreement" and had this blog post about prenuptial agreements enhanced by displaying the FAQ accordion on Google.

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The Results


Increase in organic search traffic


Increase in keywords ranking #1-3

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