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The Challenge

Back in 2013, the co-founders of Little Steps realized that, if they wanted to transform their blog into a profit-making enterprise, they would have to attract readership sufficient to entice advertisers to place banner ads on the website. Their challenge was the fundamental challenge faced by millions of blogs and small businesses.

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The Strategy

As a blog, the content of the website was updated and augmented frequently. Therefore, Cogney could not just parachute in and overhaul the website for once and for all -- as in the case of, say, an ecommerce site with a defined product offering. Rather, success depended on training the founders, the site’s main authors, about the soup to nuts of content marketing.

As a starting point, we taught the founders how to assess the relevancy and desirability of specific blog topics and how to optimize the presentation of that content through titles, tagging and incorporation of keywords. Almost as important, we taught them to steer clear of mistakes such as cannibalizing and duplicating content when adding new posts to the website. Finally, we taught them how to read and interpret analytics from two crucial sources, Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Whereas Google Analytics reveals the sources of website traffic and the behavior of visitors on the website, Google Search Console is a search engine-focused analytics report and compiles feedback from Google’s crawl sessions. It is crucial to understand and analyze both types of feedback in order boost the search rank of a content site like Little Steps.


On-demand ad hoc consultation and training since 2013.

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The Keys to Success & Our Results

Effective titling and tagging plus query analytics (data regarding traffic from specific keywords) were crucial to increasing the site’s traffic. But it was really the owners’ perspective and overall approach to SEO which made our engagement highly effective and led to Little Steps becoming the #1 parenting blog (by referring domains) in Hong Kong after working with Cogney for less than two years. Seeking to roll up their sleeves and get into the weeds of content optimization, the founders internalized digital marketing best practice and continue to stay abreast of developments in SEO through our ad hoc consultation and training. This strategy has paid off handsomely with Little Steps reaching and maintaining pole position in the competitive market of Hong Kong since 2014.

Little Steps went from a no-name blog run by two moms to a multi-country colossus with an office of full-time staff and over 34,000 keyword rankings.

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