Case study Coinbase


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The Challenge

Based in San Francisco, Coinbase is one of the world's earliest and biggest cryptocurrency trading platforms. Its digital currency wallet is the biggest in the world with over 30 million users. Founded in 2012, the exchange has processed US$150B+ in trades.

By the time that Coinbase retained us, they were already the number one cryptocurrency wallet in the world but the company had never done SEO and wanted to cement its leadership position in the industry.

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The Strategy

Not much thought had gone into SEO when they built their website. For example, was one of the main resources for ascertaining the exchange rates of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies against fiat currencies, yet the website didn’t have separate pages showing exchange rates for individual currencies, the most commonly searched-for information on the site. To make this information easily accessible and crawl-able, we created one page per currency. This was just one of the fundamental changes we made which led to a giant increase in traffic during the span of our retainer. These changes led to Coinbase ranking within the top 5 results for most of the main “golden” keywords within their industry (for example, “bitcoin price”, “ethereum price”, “ripple price”). After the company reconfigured its site to implement our recommendations, traffic zoomed from an already hefty 1 million to 7 million visits per month.


SEO audit + retainer (3 months) to implement redesign

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The Keys to Success

Besides implementing the basics of sound technical optimization on the Coinbase website, Cogney’s success was largely based on understanding what type of information about cryptocurrencies was queried on Google and designing the most efficient presentation of that information on the Coinbase website.

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The Results


Increase in keywords ranking positions #1-3

"Cogney was a huge help conducting a technical SEO audit."
Doug Kenerson, Product & Growth

More Results


As web developers ourselves, we were able to jumpstart the SEO of this B2B business specializing in error tracking and debugging tools by communicating with their tech audience in the language they understand best.


Cogney overhauled the SEO strategy of Airbnb over two years by working closely with the company’s headquarters. "We saw huge lifts in traffic," said the Head of SEO.


We rewrote the playbook on how the world’s best-known brain games company presented its content and games to Google and end-users.

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