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Adrianna Papell

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The Challenge

Adrianna Papell is a New York City fashion brand known for their bridal wear and occasion dresses. A looming re-launch of their website put SEO into sharp focus. They wanted to maintain their existing traffic from Google while also engineer the new site to be able to reap even more. They called Cogney.

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The Strategy

First, we conducted an audit of the existing site to understand what content should be created, expanded, split, combined, redirected or pruned for the new site. At the same time we reviewed the design of the new site and worked with the development team to build it with SEO best practices in mind.

Launch day came and went and their most important keywords maintained their ranking positions.

With a solid foundation now in place, we moved to ongoing optimization to grow traffic.

  • Wrote keyword-targeted blog posts
  • Created new collection pages based on grouping product inventory based on search volume
  • Updated meta data based on mining query logs
  • Added bumper text to collection pages to improve their relevancy for their targeted keywords
  • Crawled the site regularly to ensure Google could easily navigate without getting stuck or lost
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The Keys to Success

Client buy-in combined with quick-acting copywriters and developers made all the difference in executing the SEO strategy. Adrianna Papell understood that there are many ways people search on Google for what they sell and that creating content to capture all these variations would be key to driving organic traffic.

By combining Cogney's thorough understanding of SEO for ecommerce sites, and the expertise of Adrianna Papell’s developers and copywriters, we were able to accelerate organic search visitors by 4x in just over a year.

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The Results


Increase in keywords ranking #1-3


Increase in traffic to the blog


Increase in overall organic search traffic

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